Sunday, 22 May 2011

Dilli Haat -- Some images

There are two places in Delhi I would always like to return to, one is the National Gallery of Modern Art and the other is Dilli Haat. 

There are several Dilli Haats situated in various parts of the city, the main one is near INA Market and that is the one I visited. What attracts me here are the different kind of cuisines that are available, the place needs few visits in order to try out different kinds of food.

 Sikkim  and Maharashtra food pavilions
A artisan demonstrating a bow musical instrument
A small boy walking alone towing his toy
"Hey wait for me, I am coming"
The West Bengal food pavilion

The West Bengal food pavilion is run by Bijoli Grill of Calcutta, for more visit Foodelicious Trip To Delhi and UK on It is tasty ma!

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  1. wow a amazing tour retreat....nice blog with awesome shots...stepped here by ur sister...thx to her for discovering such a nice blog...