Thursday, 15 December 2011

Goa - Boat cruise on River Mandovi

We expected the Sunset Boat cruise to be a pleasant experience, unfortunately it was just the opposite. They had a cultural show on board which was unbearably noisy -- assault on one's ears. A foreign tourist who was on another boat felt the same, what's worse, he said that there was a lot of smoke in his boat which gave him a headache. Though we did not experience any smoke problem I felt a throbbing sensation in my head later thanks to the loud noise masquerading as music. Much of the show was about dancing to Hindi film songs. I wish Goa Tourism had given us an option of a noiseless cruise for those like us who have not been able to develop a taste for noise, but they call it a "cultural show". Without all the noise it would have been a pleasant experience.
Compere a welcoming us and announcing the "cultural show"

Watch video below:

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  1. I've been on this cruise many times and absolutely love it. But I've been on it during late evenings!